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As a young boy 40 years ago I helped my mom raise poodles . We got our first poodle Fifi when I was around 10 years old . I watched my mom raise , breed & groom them I learned from her . I got my first red poodle Pierre around 12 years old . The Reds became my favorite color but the color is only a preference . The breed is an amazing breed of dog known for its intelligence , hypoallergenic , temperament , and its desire to please its owner . Here at Bowen’s standard poodles we seek to please if you ever need us we are easy to reach 601-323-1032

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John Bowen


I desire to make your experience in finding a standard poodle a enjoyable process . I understand having more question than answers in looking for a standard poodle . I want to do my best to make you feel safe in choosing a poodle from us !

Our no pressure approach & willingness to service you as a customer is our desire . you can always call me or text if something comes up & I will do my best to be of help


Our Kingston as a puppy always loving