All our Breeding Standard poodles are Health Tested to offer the best of the breed .

All our puppies come with their 1st shots & Health certificate from our Vet .

Our puppies are Guaranteed Healthy at the time of sale .

We give you a full refund or another puppy in the event your licensed veterinarian finds the puppy unhealthy .

You have 3 days from the time of sale to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian if the puppy is found unhealthy by your vet your vet will contact my vet to discuss any issues .

Puppy will be current on vaccinations and warmer . We do not guarantee against any parasites because puppies can get warms but all puppies will be current on their warmer .

We offer no Guarantee other than a healthy puppy at the time of sale . We do not Guarantee for any environmental conditions or accidents that may occur in the shipping of puppy  .

We offer no Guarantee on shipping or any sickness that can be acquired through shipping . Shipping is totally in the hands of the buyer to arrange .